Leland Vall
Certified Instructor
Alexander Technique in New York City
Manhattan - Downtown and Midtown
Great Neck - Middle Neck Rd


A Tool For Transformation
Sitting Posture - Alexander Technique

Leland Vall
Certified Instructor
Alexander Technique in New York City
Manhattan - Multiple Locations
Great Neck - Middle Neck Rd


A Tool For Transformation
Sitting Posture - Alexander Technique

The Secret to Using Your Body (download or paperback)

Begin Discovering Your Dynamically Integrated Body Right Now

The Secret to Using Your Body E-book download presents a unique mind/body exercise that will change your perception of movement and posture. A journey through the exercise will guide you toward a comfort within your body you may not have felt since childhood.

Download the complete PDF.
122 pages with over 50 illustrations.

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Now also available in Paperback!
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Discover Your Intrinsic:

  • Posture
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Ease of Movement
  • Comfort within Your Body

The Secret to Using Your Body Excerpt
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Secret to Using Your Body Excerpt

Reviews (Scroll to the bottom to read buyer reviews.)

“A significant addition to the body of self-guided explorations of the Alexander Technique.”
– AmSAT News,
official newsletter of the American Society for the Alexander Technique

The Secret to Using Your Body by Leland Vall is a remarkably clear and practical guide to some of the basic procedures of the Alexander Technique. If you are a student of the Technique then this book will serve as a valuable complement to your lessons. If you have yet to experience a lesson then the procedures described in these pages will point you in the right direction.”
Michael J. Gelb, author of Body Learning: An Introduction to the Alexander Technique and How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci

“Clearly explained and meticulously illustrated with detailed images, The Secret to Using Your Body relates the wonders of the Alexander Technique with precisely defined vocabulary, concepts and examples. Leland Vall has written an enjoyable and enlightening book that will be beneficial for both the experienced user and the beginning student.”
Stephen Berenson, Chair of the MFA Programs, Brown University/Trinity Rep Consortium

“Leland Vall has succeeded in unlocking the how and why of the Alexander Technique. From athletes to busy moms, violinists to construction workers, anyone can use this book to learn how to move with less joint stress.”
Michael Youssouf, MA, MES Recipient of the 2000 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions

I hate ebooks, when will the regular book come out?
Can I print it on my printer?
What if I have trouble downloading the PDF?
How does the book teach the Alexander Technique?
What are the benefits?
How long will it take to benefit?
Can I ask for help?
Don’t you need a teacher to learn the Alexander Technique?
Isn’t posture about strong abs and core strength and just standing up straight?
Who should read The Secret to Using Your Body?
How can I find out about new books or additions to your website?

I hate ebooks, when will the regular book come out?

Finally the regular book is out! You can buy it here – The Secret to Using Your Body (paperback version)

Can I print it on my printer?

Yes, you can print it. Remember, you usually only need two pages at a time.

What if I have trouble downloading?

Contact me and I will help you or send you a copy by email.

What are the benefits?

The Secret to Using Your Body will help you put into practice the idea that movement and posture are not a series of different positions or activities (sitting, standing, walking, bending, playing sports), but actually a continuum of one thing that remains remarkably similar no matter what you are doing. This knowledge will help you stand taller, improve the way you move, feel more space within your body and less excess tension, and allow you greater access to your intrinsic strength, agility and stability.

How does the book teach the Alexander Technique?

The Secret to Using Your Body presents a unique experiential exercise for learning the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique. The exercise is cumulative and designed to be learned over a period of weeks or months. Even though the exercise gets longer as you learn it, the time needed for each practice session can remain the same. Once you learn the exercise and understand how it (the exercise) works, you may decide that simply thinking about it is enough or you can choose to continue practicing it however you choose for reinforcement or greater insight.

How long will it take to benefit?

You can benefit on the first day. From the beginning to the end, the exercise asks you to take a few minutes to think about your body in a new way. Many people find that even just taking that time is beneficial. But every day you approach the exercise will also give you an opportunity to change how you experience your body. Everyone is different, but if you take your time and use the exercise as a chance to experience something new, and follow the instructions, your opportunity for gaining lasting benefits will grow with each practice session.

Can I ask for help?

Yes, you can contact me if you have any questions and I would also look forward to hearing about your experience.

Don’t you need a teacher to learn the Alexander Technique?

Private lessons are the traditional route for learning the Alexander Technique, but still many students wish they had something more tangible like a book with an exercise. Even with a teacher, learning the Alexander Technique is ultimately about what the student does on their own. The Secret to Using Your Body doesn’t replace Alexander lessons, it is simply another option that you can use with or without lessons or classes.

Isn’t posture about strong abs and core strength and just standing up straight?

I am a big of fan fitness exercising and lifting weights, but everyone knows people with good posture who never exercise and others who exercise but still have poor posture. There are also more pleasurable and more effective ways to improving posture and movement than pulling your shoulders back and your tummy in as many fitness trainers recommend. These methods make you more stiff, impede breathing, increase internal tension, and feel uncomfortable. The Secret to Using Your Body can actually help you get more out of your fitness exercises.

Who should read The Secret to Using Your Body?

Ultimately, the Alexander Technique, and this book, is a tool for self-discovery and breaking habits. Habits of posture and movement are part of the fabric of your life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be changed. Indeed, habits are one of the few things in our lives that we can change. But it will take some patience, willingness and desire. Maybe the relief of your posture-related pain, the desire to improve your golf game, or even your appearance, will encourage you to keep at it.

How can I find out about new books or additions to your website?

I send out free tips and information about articles and events every week. Sign up for my Weekly Alexander Technique Tips.


  1. Janet

    Can anyone tell me if this method will help me with my Kyphosis after having suffered 6 spinal fractures from Osteoporosis. I have daily chronic pain from this condition, and I would love to get relief.

    • admin

      Hi Janet,

      The Alexander Technique is a self-care method that can help you feel better by helping you to discover improved ease and efficiency in your posture and movement. It is not a therapy and at can’t “fix” your osteoporosis or kyphosis, but many people find that Alexander Technique lessons do offer a pathway to relief of back and neck pain. Because it is a self-care method, you really have to try a lesson and find out for yourself if the Alexander Technique is something that you want to pursue.



  2. Ash. A.

    This book is a great guide to help people practice the Alexander Technique on their own. Lessons are also very helpful, but can be expensive and difficult to arrange, and I’m glad this book has been created to help those of us with chronic neck and back pain.

  3. Khalid Saleem

    I am a professional singer and I bought both of your products, Free Your Breath and The Secret to Using Your Body.
    They both are amazing and are really helping me a lot.

    Khalid Saleem

  4. rebekah franks

    I am an alternative health therapist. I treat for all types of disease and disorders. I teach that there is little or no sickness in a perfectly aligned spine. I teach that our thoughts travel through the central nervous system into the organs, muscle tissues and throughout the entire body. I teach that the most important ally in healing the body is the mind, which is comprised of conscious and subconscious,subconscious bringing into existence what the conscious mind feeds it. One of the best tools for helping my clients grasp this truth is through the Alexander Technique. I have encouraged all my clients to purchase their own download of The Secret to Using Your Body so they can move at their own pace and watch their body transform. Love the simplicity of book. No matter how old a client is he or she can follow the easy instructions.

  5. Thanks,Leland, for wrting such a great book!
    Clear, easy, and so helpful!!!
    I had done Alexander in the past and I feel very lucky I had the opportuniy to meet you and know your work because,now,thanks to you and your book,I have a much better understanding of the “whole thing”.
    I use the technique all the time and specially with my singers at work.
    Thanks again and all the very best to you. You deserve it. You are doing a lot of good to many of us!
    Nelly Vuksic

  6. I found this book to be a great help to me in explaining the Alexander Technique. It has also been a very useful tool as it has given me ideas for activities to explore in my weekly group classes.
    Clients seem to like the imagery used and one client commented that even though she has had lessons previously with another teacher, this time she really felt she understood it much better.

    Thanks Leland
    Mark Claireaux

  7. Russell Carman

    First of all, let me say I found the book immensely helpful, especially when combined with the weekly emails. I know that having a teacher would be much better, but I know I would never spend the money or commit to the time of traveling to and from lessons, as least from the outset. I believe we get as much out of this book as we are willing to put into it, and I feel I received an excellent foundational knowledge of the Alexander Technique. It is not easy to always remember what I have learned on a moment-by-moment basis, but with practice I think I am a little more consistent each day.
    The book at first seems repetitive to the point of being insulting. I tended to skip ahead in the beginning, but experience showed me I was just shortchanging myself. Perhaps you don’t have to repeat EVERYTHING with each lesson, at least not the graphic illustrations.

    All in all, an excellent, informative, and user friendly book for those who are sincerely interested in learning the technique.

    Russell Carman

  8. Gordon Hallberg

    Terrific Book! I love the practical helpful approach Leland has both in this book and his weekly tips. Excellent presentation as well!
    Congratulations and THANKS!

    • Anne McDonald

      I am an Alexander Teacher, Feldenkrais Practitioner, and Occupational Therapist who loved your book! The drawings have been extremely helpful
      for my students as they clarify direction while standing, at the wall, and in monkey. Many thanks, Leland, for your helpful book.
      Anne McDonald, MFA, OTR/L,
      AmSAT Certified Alexander Teacher & Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

  9. Leland Vall’s The Secret to Using Your Body is incredible. While a lot of Alexander Technique books focus on theory, his is about practical applications. Getting into a class is certainly the most beneficial way of applying the techniques, but when time or budget constraints are an issue, this is a great supplement.
    The images along with the step-by-step approach make each exercise clear. The layering of exercises make the development of the techniques simple and approachable. The various methods allow the user to vary their exercises and practice them at home, work or running errands.
    This book is affordable and an investment. You’ll be doing yourself a favor.
    Thank you, Leland.


    I found the ebook good but personally needed additional things to help including yoga,particulaly Kundalini and later Hatha and also the services of a osteopath

  11. Leland Vall’s book called The Secret To Using Your Body is the best Alexander book I’ve ever read and I’ve read most of them. It’s the only book of its kind that I actually worked through and learned the techniques. All the other books I’ve come across didn’t make it easy/simple enough for me. As a former Touch For Health instructor I have a keen eye for any tools that will help posture. Not only do I highly endorse the book, but I’ve also purchased his short & sweet breathing mp3 from his site and received great value from it–I think it’s WAY TOO CHEAP for what it does. I also receive his weekly tip and get great value from them. I’ve found that when I work with clients long-distance, putting myself into a more Alexander-ish posture reaps amazing benefits from the energy work I do. Can’t recommend it enough. Thanks, Leland!

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