Leland Vall
Certified Instructor
Alexander Technique in New York City
Manhattan - Downtown and Midtown
Great Neck - Middle Neck Rd


A Tool For Transformation
Sitting Posture - Alexander Technique

Leland Vall
Certified Instructor
Alexander Technique in New York City
Manhattan - Multiple Locations
Great Neck - Middle Neck Rd


A Tool For Transformation
Sitting Posture - Alexander Technique


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When I leave my lesson I feel like I’m floating. The Alexander Technique brings ease to all aspects of my life.


The feelings of balance and calm that I experience after every Alexander Technique lesson with Leland Vall are a testimony to F. M. Alexander’s insights into how the body and mind are interconnected and to Leland’s understanding and practice of the Alexander principles. Leland brings to his work the most remarkable patience, compassion and humor and a clear commitment to his students’ well being. Anyone interested in taking lessons in Alexander Technique will find Leland Vall to be a highly effective Alexander teacher and an extraordinarily kind and caring person.


Thank you for all the support (literally). I will always remember to keep my back, back.


I came to Leland having had neck problems and vocal problems for over a year. In three lessons, I was in a stage performance, after which I realized that my neck problems were gone, my acting technique had taken two giant steps ahead, my speaking voice was easy and resonant, and my performance nerves were improved.  Leland’s observations are every bit as valuable as his instruction in the Alexander Technique. I continued lessons for another nine months, during which I felt years of bad experiences melting away from me as many of my bad habits were being replaced with more
productive ones. My series of 39 Alexander lessons with Leland is one of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my life.


Dear Mr. Vall:

On behalf of the music administrators and music educators of Nassau County, I sincerely thank you for the presentation at Valley Stream Central High School.

Your presentation was informative, interesting and dynamic.  Your willingness to share your experience, knowledge and expertise was sincerely appreciated by the workshop’s participants.  It was clearly evident the teachers present were thoroughly engaged and the evaluation sheets indicated they enjoyed and valued the session.

Again, I thank you for a job exceptionally well done.


Sal Somma
Executive Director – Nassau Association of Music Administrators, Inc.


The Alexander Technique is most beneficial to me as an actor because it assists in easing tension and the rigidity that could harm an actor on stage.


Your love and commitment to the Alexander Technique truly helps and is a motivation to grow. Thank you for your patience. Your honesty and integrity are an asset to have as a teacher and a person.


Working with Leland for about a year,  I’ve seen a marked improvement in my posture and also in the way I walk. Subjectively, I would describe myself as having the feeling of openness and expansiveness  in my back, whereas before I always felt hunched over and turned in. The experience and the results have been quite extraordinary.


Overall the study of the Alexander Technique is excellent and Leland is an excellent instructor.


The Alexander Technique would help anyone.


I’ve discovered so much through my lessons.  Thank you for starting me on the quest to “Keep my back back!


I’m a singer and became involved with the Alexander Technique because my tense breathing inhibited the open, free sound I wanted.  Little did I know it inhibited the open, free body I wanted. I have slowly experienced a release in my joints that is ultimately effecting my ease in breathing. But, by God, it takes faith and commitment.


The Alexander Technique has really helped me, especially at work.  I sit at a desk all day and it really made me aware.


My walk is more free and my posture is better and more relaxed.  I feel my energy is more free and relaxed.


I am learning to be more conscious of my body alignment – during walking, sitting and especially during driving a car.  I am now aware at how often I tense my shoulders and put my neck out of alignment. For me, this new awareness is the most important learning tool.


  1. Vivian Monsanto

    Taking Alexander Technique lessons with Leland was the single most useful and effective way to get rid of a chronic stiffness in my neck and shoulders from poor posture and work related movements. I saw a difference from just one lesson and it opened up a new way to think about my body and my life. I tried multiple therapies including frequent massages, yoga , and accupuncture. While they worked temporarily I found myself returning to my old habits which I was not even aware of. So I was undoing all the good just because I didn’t realize a simple concept that Leland pointed out to me. Now the technique has improved how I do my Yoga, play tennis, and work out. Leland is an excellent teacher. I ended up taking weekly lessons for a number of months and cannot wait to go back for a refresher. It is such an empowering technique. EVERYONE can benefit from Alexander technique lessons.

  2. Alissa

    It was a pleasure to work with Leland Vall from August-December 2012. I benefited from these sessions that were amazing in the way they revealed not only things about my physical habits but also about the emotions that were intertwined with them.

    Leland is kind, smart, and patient. I look forward to working with him in the near future. I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for its immediately apparent and subtle health benefits. I especially recommend the Alexander Technique with Leland.

  3. Last year I found Leland’s page while looking for a group activity for my professional association (conference interpreters), and I had to try it out before recommending it. After my first demonstration class with Leland I was headache-free for the first time in months. This was during my on-and-off stay in NY, and I had only a few opportunities to take a class. I have now moved back to Nevada, but the results of his instruction have largely stayed with me. The generous free-of-charge tips on his website allow me to stay in contact with the Alexander technique. I am grateful to Leland and wish him all the best.

  4. Tom

    My Skype Experience

    I had a couple of Alexander Technique lessons many years ago when I was living in Cincinnati and taking voice lessons. My voice teacher recommended AT. Since then I have read books and tried to do some self-study of the technique, but never really got it.

    I now live in Thailand, and my interest in the Alexander Technique reawakened several months ago. At the time I could not find a teacher in Thailand, so I started searching for someone willing to try some lessons over Skype. Leland turned out to be the one that was willing to try it. With just a few lessons over Skype, I ‘got it’. How to sit without sitting, ignoring the chair, was one lesson that I really loved. Interestingly, I got a kink in my back last week, and I automatically went into the Alexander method of bending to pick things up because that was the only way it did not hurt. (That is correct, I don’t remember to do it all the time.)

    After I had started my lessons, I found a teacher in Bangkok, but I was benefiting so much from our Skype lessons that I just continued with Leland. I recommend trying a Skype lesson even if you could do one in person, for the convenience of not having to leave home, and for the flexibility in scheduling that it allows.

    As many other commenters have mentioned, Leland is a great teacher. He keeps at it, in different ways, until you finally get the idea and know how to do it, and he is very patient and gentle. He is very solid in his knowledge of the technique, so it seems he can easily change his approach to suit the need and get the message across.

  5. After several months of neurologists and physical therapy for back and leg pains I consulted a pain management doctor. We did the standard epidural steroid injections—which helped a lot—but he also recommended I try Alexander Technique. Working with Leland was a revelation. He is very insightful and quickly discovered my bad habits when walking. Today, thanks to Leland, I am walking without pain and muscle weakness.

  6. Probal DasGupta

    With Leland’s assistance, within a very short time my posture improved to the point that my close friends we commenting that my suits appeared to fit much better. This year I am going to be back with him for another round of training and mentoring.

  7. Sue Risberg

    Learning to “allow my shoulders to go away from each other” has increased my stamina considerably, made me appear younger, and improved my mood. Working with Leland Vall was a pleasure, and I intend to benefit from it for as long as I am walking around.

  8. Annmarie R

    My masseuse recommended that I see Leland for my chronic back pain while I was in NY on vacation. Leland has a practical approach that is easy to apply. In 3 visits, I learned how to be more mindful of my movements. I became aware of the bad habits I had developed to avoid pain and I learned how to use my body the way God intended :o)

  9. Mark

    Over the period of my working with Leland, I have become much more aware of my body. Our work together has resulted in my using my body much more
    efficiently. I stand taller and walk and move with much more “clarity”. My movements are more purposeful and the most dramatic change for me has been an improvement in my balance.

  10. Emily Garrick

    The Alexander Technique has wrought near miracles in people’s lives, and no one is better at instruction than Leland Vall.

    I studied with Leland for 10 months from October 2003 through July of 2004 for a series of 39 private lessons. Not only did my neck problems and pain disappear after only three private lessons, but they’ve stayed away all these years.

    My series of lessons was a permanent investment in myself, in my vocal technique, in my acting technique, in my life; money well spent.

  11. My husband and I continue to benefit from being instructed by Leland. The results of learning the Alexander Technique from Leland is that we both are more agile, more spry, and move with more ease than before. Our posture has improved and I have a sense of weightlessness as I move about more gracefully and confidently. Leland is a professional and gentle man.
    It was a pleasure working with him.

  12. Brian

    I’ve been lucky to have several private sessions with Leland. One of the great results of my sessions is my newly discovered ability to allow my body to relax, while simultaneously improving my posture. Leland is immensely patient, and he tailors the sessions to my particular postural issues. He’s helped me to find ways to release tension in body.

  13. Mari Hodges

    My classes with Leland were amazing and really changed my life! I wasn’t able to take many classes, but the revelations I got from Leland’s classes made me conscious of how I use my body. I recommend him wholeheartedly!

  14. Nastasha

    When I started the Alexander Technique lessons with Leland, I had major pain, discomfort, and nervous habits. Within a couple of months I released a whole new body. People who haven’t seen me in a while say, wow you look great, what are you doing different? The only thing that has changed is the knowledge to release unnecessary muscular tension. Thank you Leland!

  15. Nadine Carey

    It all started with one of Leland’s free classes. It was such a positive and informative experience as to how I should be using my body that I knew I needed to learn more. Whether I am in group class or in a private lesson, Leland’s calm way of sharing his knowledge of Alexander Technique has greatly helped me. No matter how exhausted I am at the end of the day, walking up the stairs out of the subway is no longer a big deal. My spine is pointing up and my feet know what to do!

  16. Steve Mason

    “Leave Your Back, Back-”

    Come to think about it, I’ve been studying with Leland for many years, and I have no idea how I met him….hmmm. Well, I can tell you that I am glad at some point I did meet him. When I started, I didn’t understand much. With the state my posture was in, it was as if I was 5′ 10″ tall, rather than my actual 6’2″. Within a few lessons, I was already taking the principles home with me, and was starting to become “aware”. Aware that we as people get in the way of our own health. The easiest way to see this is to take your first FREE CLASS with Leland, and he will demonstrate how people get in their own way right from the word “go”. From the way they try to control the breath, to the way they are “ahead” of themselves in everything they do. Learn to leave your back, back-
    -S.M. Long Island NY

  17. Adam

    Leland’s teaching has given great insight into the relaxation methods of the Alexander Technique. His teaching has given me techniques to use when experiencing back pain and have proved very effective in relieving pain. This teaching is a must for all who would like to explore living life with as much ease as possible.

  18. Don Katz

    I will try almost anything to help in my recovery from Bacterial meningitis, so I gave Alexander Technique a try. I unfortunately was left blind and had to overcome paralysis and have residual balance issues due to brain surgery. I used to use both a guiding cane and a support cane to walk. With Leland’s training I am no longer using a support cane and feel more secure on my feet. His enthusiasm and hands on approach really worked for this blind man. Thanks for everything, cheers!

  19. David Knee

    I’ve studied with Leland for many years and though my back problems cleared up fairly soon, I hope to continue for many more for the body benefits and for the shear delight of it. Try his short, transparent Alexander Tips. His website has a wealth of clear ideas and useful links.

  20. Susan Plum

    I took private lessons from Leland and found him hugely helpful.
    He is a keen listener and is very responsive with practical solutions to one’s problems. I recommend him highly.

    Susan Plum

  21. I took private lessons with Leland and found him to be knowledgable, patient and able to communicate the Alexander message in various ways so that I could incorporate the information. In six sessions I learned how to use my body more economically and effectively.

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