If you don’t have an Alexander Technique teacher where you live, a live video lesson over Skype is the next best thing. Through a live video call, I can help you teach yourself to reduce back pain, improve breathing, and even feel the lightness that is the hallmark of the Alexander Technique. Try one lesson and see how it goes. For $70 you get forty minutes and if you are not satisfied, the first lesson is free. Call or send an E-mail to find out more.





My Skype Experience

I had a couple of Alexander Technique lessons many years ago when I was living in Cincinnati and taking voice lessons.  My voice teacher recommended AT.  Since then I have read books and tried to do some self-study of the technique, but never really got it.

I now live in Thailand, and my interest in the Alexander Technique reawakened several months ago.  At the time I could not find a teacher in Thailand, so I started searching for someone willing to try some lessons over Skype.  Leland turned out to be the one that was willing to try it.  With just a few lessons over Skype, I ‘got it’.  How to sit without sitting, ignoring the chair, was one lesson that I really loved.  Interestingly, I got a kink in my back last week, and I automatically went into the Alexander method of bending to pick things up because that was the only way it did not hurt. (That is correct, I don’t remember to do it all the time.)

After I had started my lessons, I found a teacher in Bangkok, but I was benefiting so much from our Skype lessons that I just continued with Leland.  I recommend trying a Skype lesson even if you could do one in person, for the convenience of not having to leave home, and for the flexibility in scheduling that it allows.

As many other commenters have mentioned, Leland is a great teacher.  He keeps at it, in different ways, until you finally get the idea and know how to do it, and he is very patient and gentle.  He is very solid in his knowledge of the technique, so it seems he can easily change his approach to suit the need and get the message across.

And Omid in Iran is blogging about his Alexander Technique over Skype experience. Read it here.