The most important thing to remember when carrying a bag is to stand as if you are not carrying anything at all. If it is a backpack or shoulder bag, allow it to just hang off of you.

Let your backpack hang off your back as if you are not wearing it. Avoid leaning forward or pulling your shoulders together.

For a shoulder bag, whether it hangs directly from one shoulder or across your body, stand as if the bag is not there.

Avoid curving your torso over objects that you are carrying in front of you.

“How do I carry my bag?” is one of the most common questions I get. You will feel stronger if you stand taller when you carry a bag or anything. I also hear that carrying a bag is somehow bad for you, or people question me about the “right” kind of bag. Done correctly, carrying a bag can be an important part of your normal activity that stimulates the body to remain strong. The kind of bag doesn’t matter at all, as long as you find it comfortable. What’s important is how you carry yourself as you carry your bag.

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