Articles About The Alexander Technique

Reasons to Take Alexander Lessons

A Dramatic Cure for Back Pain – Oprah

Many Turning  To ‘Alexander Technique’ For Pain, Stress Relief – CBS

Simple No-Drug Way to Ease Back Pain – ABC

Improving Your, Um, You Know, Public Speaking – Wall Street Journal

Victoria Beckham Fights Poor Posture with Alexander Technique – Marie Claire

The Alexander Technique – Dental Hygienist News

All About The Alexander Technique
 – by Fitness for Dummies author Liz Neporent

Juilliard’s director of physical therapy talks about the Alexander Technique. – WNYC

Alexander Technique: A Balm for Back Pain – NPR

Baby Steps to Better Breathing – NPR

Keeping Up with Alexander – Backstage

Research Articles and Doctor Testimonials

A Testimonial from the Israel Air Force

New York Times – The Alexander Technique for Back Pain?

Student’s Blog

Students’ Blog


Three Tips for Bending

How To Walk With More Stability And Power

A Brief Alexander Technique Analysis of Isaiah Mustafa, The Old Spice Guy

Articles on Learning the Alexander Technique on Your Own

The Secret to Using Your Body – A complete Alexander Technique course in a book.

Improve Your Breathing with the Alexander Technique – A Self Lesson on Alexander Breathing with an mp3 download.

Alexander Technique at Your Desk – A Self-Directed Exercise for Improving Comfort While Sitting at Your Desk.

Notes on a First Alexander Technique Lesson – A pamphlet that I give to new students.


56 Alexander Technique Tips – There is at least one Alexander Technique tip here for everyone.

The Actor’s Secret – Five Alexander Technique Tips for the Actor

Don’t Pull Your Shoulders Back – Five Tips for Feeling Better about Rounded Shoulders

Don’t Stand Up Straight – Five Alternative Posture Tips Based on the Alexander Technique

Jaw Tension: Seven Tips for Breaking the Habit

How to Carry Your Bag

For Golfers

Golf and the Alexander Technique, Tips and Exercises

Golfer John Duncan Dunn and the Alexander Technique

For Personal Trainers and Athletes

The Alexander Technique and Fitness Training


The Long-Distance Client by Allegra Goodman – 
An excellent work of fiction about a man taking Alexander lessons.  This is a link to the New Yorker where the story was published.