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  • Tip 86 – Video: How to Lean Back in a Chair

    7 Jan 2012


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    Point your spine when leaning back in a chair.

    For more information on this tip, take a look at Tip 9.5.

    More on sitting in a chair:
    Your Lively Spine
    Bending Forward Is the Same

    Video: Think of the Chair as Your Legs

    Your Waist Is Not a Joint


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    9 Responses to “Tip 86 – Video: How to Lean Back in a Chair”

    1. chinnari February 6, 2012 at 10:43 am #

      thank to alexander,
      for your patience , for discovering yourself, and giving the same to us.

      Today i asked my self one genuine question ,

      what is alexander technique?
      Alex technique is based on utterly preventive principles. This i should believed first, to practice this technique.
      Then i should keep faith on my
      GOD F.m. Alexander and his preventive ideas and directions .
      I asked my self if it is a preventive technique, then
      why iam doing thd directions.
      i clearly understood the alexander intension.
      And since , this is a new skill it takes time to learn it, like learning the car driving . Wrong things happens in any new skill,but you should not expect the right direction in a single day.like how you learn the car driving with in a single day, which comes under alexander ENDGAINING Principle, only frustration is the end. If i stop the wrong messages from brain, the right message does it work.

      Lelandval is the real teacher . Believe him, believe the freshness of 100 years of the technique. Believe its unique ness inthe PREVENTIVE principles.
      Believe the GOD.
      believe the f.m. Alexander.

    2. chinnari February 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm #

      i failed number of times, by thinking alexander neck,head,back,legs,hands directions due to my faulty sence of the parts.

      I will try tommorrow one more time by thinking the fundamental directions of human movement discovered by alexander.

      IF NOT
      I will try day after tommorrow.

      My journey continues…………………

    3. chinnari February 21, 2012 at 2:07 am #

      #86 tip is excellent for knowing some thing about our self.
      thank you .

      iam very much sad about the jargon of the alexander technique.

      iam requesting to the alexander teachers,

      the primary control can be created in a 3d motion,
      we have very much 3d technolgy, but no alexander technique teacher
      using these technologies for experiencing the students by seeing
      that primary control 3d movements.

      i never found any such type of vedio in the net.

      physical culturists are creating the 3d movements, but
      alexander society not able to create.

      some times i have doubt, wether
      any body really understood the alexander principles?

      wether alexander technique is ULTIMATE technique, which
      addresses all the physco psomatic problems.

      iam sure nobody is working on the ultimate principles of the alexander

      3d images and vedios of the alexander technique really needed for our

      iam requesting the real alexander teacher, please make it possible
      for the ALEXANDER PRIMARY MOVEMENTS in the form of 3d or 4d images. so that, the real practicing pupils ,students,and mine benifit from them.

    4. chinnari February 21, 2012 at 2:24 am #

      #86 is the good tip.

      some of my comments :::::

      one of the scientist of russia BUTEYKO, who proved
      taking of more oxygen is the cause of more than 200 disceases including AIDS.

      but how buteyko method linked to alexander technique.

      by using the alexander technique , we take oxygen as much as necessary
      to the organisms of the body.
      we are taking appropriate amount of oxygen for our body.

      so, we can prevent the 200 diseases what buteyko has stated and it is
      the most popular technique for asthama.

      but, i believe ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE is more than 1000 times better
      than the buteyko technique which addresses the oxygen intake , or overbreath or hyperventilation or many problems,

      which maintains indirect priniciples and ultimate evergreen principles, for the overall health.

    5. chinnari February 26, 2012 at 4:22 am #

      good tips , giving us to think some more ideas.

      if i remember the alexander idea as the eyes leades body follows,

      which part first moves in any movement wether the eyes or the head?
      with out moving the eyes or not conscious on eyes ,and moving the head what happens?
      with out conscious on head,neck if we moves the eyes consciously what happens?
      one after the other alltogether how we can apply to eyes,neck,head?
      wether the eyes has the power to compress the head to the neck?
      wether the head has the power to stiffen the eyes movements by compressing the head to the neck?
      wether the jaw makes the eyes movements stiffy?
      wether the jaw makes the head compressing the spine making the eyes stiff?
      one after the other alltogether how i can apply neck,head,jaw,eyes?

    6. narendra February 26, 2012 at 6:04 am #

      your tips are very useful to the general public and pupils.
      but, wether alexander technique is hard or easy iam not able to understand.

      even, a basic instictive thought iam not able to control, then my thoughts may be faulty and iam misdirecting my thoughts and directions,

      but the faulty sence as usual feeling me right.

    7. chinnari February 26, 2012 at 6:05 am #

      your tips are very useful to the general public and pupils.
      but, wether alexander technique is hard or easy iam not able to understand.

      even, a basic instictive thought iam not able to control, then my thoughts may be faulty and iam misdirecting my thoughts and directions,

      but the faulty sence as usual feeling me right.

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    8. Chinnari June 29, 2012 at 1:10 pm #

      What are the regular sitting activities daily we do?
      Ans@ at morning 6 am, sitting in the toilet.
      2. At 9 am , sitting in the chair to take tea, and for watching tv.
      3. At 9:30 am, sitting on the bike or in the car to go to office.
      4. At 10 am sitting in the officer chair.
      5. 11am ,at canteen sitting in the chair.
      6. Returning from office at 5 pm ,sitting on the bike.
      7. 8 pm, sitting in the chair in home
      8. While sitting on the bed for going to sleep.

      What are the standing activities?

      Please, think alex directions in these activities,
      but beware of going to trap of ‘DOING’ , And ‘doing the right thing’ .

    9. Chinnari July 4, 2012 at 1:28 pm #

      While sitting and leaning back in a chair,


      With stimulus of sit,stand,walk,bend think of neck going back head going forward and up and back(torso) going back and up and knees going away from hips(torso) and base of the feet into the ground and shoulders going out to the side and arms lengthening ,’one after the other all together’ , DAILY.

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