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Tip 79 – Video: Leave Your Feet on the Floor


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Avoid taking your feet off the floor in order to put them on the floor.

This video tip follows up on the previous tip about feeling more grounded, and also a tip about the problem of shuffling your feet to find the ground.

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  1. chinnari

    before leaving the foot on the ground think of neck,head,torso, knees.

  2. Chinnari

    What f.m noticed about his bad habit?
    Ans@ while reciting he holds the ground habitually misdirected with the feet.
    1. His toes were contracted.
    2. Feet bend unduly.
    3. The balance of the total body interfered by NOT commiting the weight on the balls of the feet and heels OF the feet evenly , based on the demands of the body.
    4. The unconscious faulty sense felt him right.

    He was shocked seeing that sensation of the faulty sense of legs(feet).

  3. Chinnari

    While standing or with stimulus of stand,


    With stimulus of sit,stand,walk,bend think of neck going back head going forward and up and back(torso) going back and up and knees going away from hips(torso) and base of the feet into the ground and shoulders going out to the side and arms lengthening ,’one after the other all together’ , DAILY.

    ‘BEWARE OF end-gain’.

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