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  • Tip 27 – Lying Down Exercise I

    2 Oct 2010


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    For a little rejuvenation, lie on a firm surface with a book under your head for 15 minutes.
    Allow yourself to settle.

    This is the classic Alexander exercise and the first page of the exercise in my manual. It’s not only restful, it is a good way to explore and organize the regions of your body. There is more to it than just lying down, but you can try it as it is described below.

    Lie on your back with your head on the book, your feet flat on the floor (knees bent) and your hands on your abdomen. Imagine that you are almost weightless. Keep your hands apart and your knees separate from each other. Avoid moving around in order to look for the best position. Without pushing, allow your whole body to settle toward the floor (there will be some gaps between your back and the floor). Leave your eyes open.

    When you are ready to stand up, do it slowly and easily. Be aware of your surroundings and leave the exercise until the next time.

    More on Lying Down:

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    And for a  longer excerpt, visit The Secret to Using Your Body.

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    2 Responses to “Tip 27 – Lying Down Exercise I”

    1. Chinnari July 8, 2012 at 3:53 am #

      From lying position TO standing position what happens?
      1. No person paradoxically can go directly from lying position to standing position.
      2. From the lying , that person releases to SIT position, then he goes to STAND position.
      3. If a person wishes to go from lye position to stand position the ‘meanswhereby’ are
      a. Stop
      b. Meanswhereby from lye To sit position.
      C. Stop
      d. Meanswhereby from sit to stand position.

      The same takes place from stand to lye position.
      A. From stand to sit following the ‘meanswhereby’
      b. Stop
      c.from sit to lye position thinking the ‘meanswhereby’ .
      D. Lye

      the student respects the f.m ‘whole direction’ , and the student dont cares the feelings.

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