The Alexander Technique is a 100-year-old method for helping you learn how to use your body properly. I use gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction to help you prevent movement patterns that wear you down by the end of the day or cause pain. There are no exercises, machines or special clothing. Instead, you apply the principles to your normal activities. It takes from 5-30 lessons to learn the Alexander Technique and all lessons are either private or shared and are taken once or twice per week.

The theory behind the Alexander Technique is that habits of excess tension cause people to unnecessarily shorten and narrow their bodies. These habits degrade posture, inhibit free movement, and can cause pain. Excess tension also reduces the internal capacity for internal organs, and makes breathing more difficult. Through Alexander Technique lessons, you can learn how to reduce habits of excess tension as you gain a renewed feeling of ease and lightness to improve the way you look and feel every day of your life.