By Omid Bahramzadegan

My third session was kind of a revelation and opened my eyes to some significant facts. I thought I knew pretty much everything about the Alexander Technique and just needed a little guidance and practice. But each session proves me wrong. I used to ask Leland whether or not I did something right, and he always insisted on not using the word “right”. Instead, he used “better”. I didn’t know why until now. Right means there’s no room for improvement. But the Alexander Technique tries to help with self discovery. It is limitless and people will have different experiences.

My main objective for learning the AT is to have a great, confident posture which attracts women. This session Leland helped me have a better understanding of confidence. People and things around us are more or less compelling, and the less they affect us, the more confident we appear. After becoming aware of this fact, I realized why Leland says:”Deny the chair because you don’t need it.” This session he told me to love and appreciate the place I was, without getting attached to it. This concept immediately changed my posture and improved my focus. In the book The Power of Now, I had learned how important it is to try and stay in the present. This way it was so much easier.

Once again I practiced getting in and out of a chair. But this time was different. Leland suggested using my hands to point my directions. This helped me to point the spine and keep space between my torso and thighs while bending. It was very confusing and occupied my mind to the point that I forgot breathing. But it also helped me identify a very harmful habit of mine. While bending down, there is a tendency to bring my chest towards my knees, and it causes various problems. I had heard this sentence “release your head forward and up” numerous times, but it was only during this session which it finally made sense to me. Releasing the head forward and up causes the spine to point up and all the parts of the body start feeling better. More importantly, it is effortless. This could be by far the best thing I learned during all these years of working on my posture.