www.alexandertechnique.com – The most comprehensive Alexander Technique site on the Web.

www.amsatonline.org – American Society for the Alexander Technique.  The largest professional association of Alexander teachers in the U.S. AmSAT sets standards for training and professional conduct and maintains parity of standards with all the affiliated national societies around the world.

www.acatnyc.org – American Center for the Alexander Technique. Founded in 1964, ACAT is the oldest and largest Alexander training program in the country and the center of the Alexander Technique in New York.

www.directionjournal.com –  Large collection of high quality articles on a vast array of topics related to the Alexander Technique.  Also home to the largest online searchable database of teachers (from over 20 countries), societies, training schools (every school in the world), Publishers –  everything Alexander.

www.mtpress.com – Mornum Time Press is your source for books on the Alexander Technique


Anne McDonald – Washington, DC

Matt Pressman – Delray Beach, FL

Jessica Wolf – New York, NY

Rebecca Tuffey – New York, NY

Jane Tomkiewicz – New York, NY

Pamela Blanc  – Los Angeles, CA

Constance Clare – Oakland/San Francisco, CA

 Annette Schmidt – Walnut Creek, CA

Micha Rotstein – Melbourne, Australia

Marigold Smith – Healesville, Australia

Jann McMichael – Auckland, NZ

Josef & Maria Weiss – Germany

Mike Rawlinson – Bristol, UK

Gail Clarke – Somersett UK

Jack Crow – Wimslow, UK

Hilary King – London, UK

Mark Claireaux – Brighton, UK

Dance Instruction

Great Neck School of Dance – Roberta Senn

www.evacarrozza.com – Eva Carrozza

www.dancemchoi.com – Michael Choi

www.balletartsstudio.com – Alex Bloomstein


www.monologueaudition.com – Karen Kohlhaas says, “You Can Enjoy Monologues!” Subscribe to her newsletter.

www.quickthinkingimprov.com – John Swist’s improvisational acting class.

www.intentionalacting.com – Loren E. Chadima, North Holywood, California


www.marilynsokol.com – Marilyn Sokol is “HILARIOUS,” raves the NY Times.

www.richarddezmond.com – Richard Dezmond

www.michaelselkirk.com -Michael Selkirk

www.acmeclown.com – Website of Adam G. Gertsacov, proprietor of the Acme Flea Circus.

www.endrehules.com – Endre Hules
The Maiden Danced to Death – A film by Endre Hules.


Ann Seeker’s Blog – Where Ann discusses books, film, art and thoughts on the Gurdjieff Work.

Coaching For Actors

www.unstoppableartists.com – Monroe Mann is back from Iraq and ready to motivate you for stardom.

www.capesco.com – Capes Coaching


John Manion

Singing Instruction

www.everythingadamllc.weebly.com – Adam Roebuck Studios, Private & Group Singing Instruction & Coaching. New York City


www.voice-lessons.com – Guy Babusek Vocal Studio, Orange County, CA

Arnold Jacobs – Chicago Symphony, Tuba – This is a link to notes from a master class.


www.bookcoverdesigner.com – Karrie Ross. One-stop book design, marketing and consulting for the self-publishing industry.

www.visualanatomy.com – Creating medical illustration, legal medical illustration and anatomically correct chocolate is what Visual Anatomy does best.

Web Design

Elysium Web Design – My web designer.


Joseph DeRuvo

Andre Kopinski


www.sailboatstogo.com – The BEST idea in extremely portable sailboats.



My Software

www.chaossoftware.com – I use Intellect, their contact manager and email client.



www.bykids.org – Their World, Their Films

Carjacked: The Culture of the Automobile and Its Effect on Our Lives
by Catherine Lutz & Anne Lutz Fernandez

Other Stuff

www.pediatricsafety.net – Lisa Levine, MSN, RN, FNP

www.flossrings.com – For the dedicated flosser (or wanna be), Dix Floss Rings supercharge your flossing.

There are over 17,00 homeless children in New York City.

Coalition for the Homeless

Jericho Project