By Travis McKeveny

I found my last session with Leland altogether encouraging.

He said that I had improved considerably since starting to see him and that I’d clearly been thinking about the Technique and its application outside of the Great Neck studio.

That was good to hear, as it’s true: I do put a good amount of time in re Use in my everyday life, though as an evolving human being I am far from perfectly conscientious. Leland is very good at reminding me not to take it all too serious lest I sabotage my efforts by lacking a sense of humor — a deficit that serves only to intensify one’s sense of frustration.

As a singer, I’d like to continue trying to apply the Technique to my voice. Leland uses the image of the voice being thrown from behind the person and going forward over his or her head — too often, I conceive of the voice as something that originates in the mouth. This leads to tension in the jaw and elsewhere. I look forward to tackling that.

Good things ahead.